Titanic celebrates 20 years this year! Since the release of the film in 1997, the love story of Jack and Rose continues to haunt the spirits and touch the sensitive hearts … Among some followers for whom the American blockbuster remains the greatest classic of all time. “The heart of a woman is an ocean of secrets “. 20 years later, this quote from Rose DeWitt Bukater, in the film Titanic, still resonates in our heads. Usha Seetohul remembers the release of the American blockbuster as if it were yesterday. “At the time, we did not have easy access to the Internet. You had to watch the movie at the cinema to find out more. I was dead with impatience! Said the inhabitant of Palma, Quatre-Bornes.Usha was then only 15 years old. She is among the first to visit the former BDC cinema in Quatre-Bornes to watch Titanic. Each sequence causes an emotion in it. The adolescent girl is especially touched by the pure, sincere and passionate love between two people from different backgrounds. “I watched the movie more than a dozen times after it was released. Every time, I have a pinch in my heart and I can not hold back my tears. “Usha Seetohul is now 33 years old. The outcome of the love story between the two protagonists still remains to him through the throat. “It is difficult for me to imagine a love story that remains incomplete. One gives his life for the other to live, “she says. Her adolescence is also marked by the song “My heart will go on” by Céline Dion. She never misses an opportunity to sing it and every word drags her into a whirlwind of nostalgia.Get out the handkerchiefs!Sorenza Arayo is born two months after the release of Titanic. That did not stop him, however, from discovering the excitement around this film that was the biggest success in the history of American cinema, before being dethroned by Avatar in 2009. “Titanic is a great Hollywood classic. There is always a frenzy around this film. Young or not, I had to look at him at least once in my life. I had to be 15, “said the 19-year-old student.But once is not enough! She is, indeed, fond of this sad story, and will see it no less than five times, often with her mother. The box of paper handkerchiefs, Sorenza argues, is exhausted with the outcome of the plot. “No matter the age and even if we follow different paths, love does not die. Without the support of the other, we can not get out of the difficult situations. This is what I learned from Titanic, “says this adept of romantic films.Men too …El Muhammad watched Titanic a hundred times.Men are not left behind. El Muhammad has seen Titanic a hundred times! The 24-year-old stylist attended the screening session in 3D at the cinema in 2012, to mark the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic. El Muhammad even bought a copy of James Cameron’s film in Blu Ray. “History shows us that love is stronger than money. Rose comes from a wealthy background and was engaged to a millionaire, while Jack is of the working class. This difference did not prevent them from loving each other, “observes the young man.Manveer Aubeeluck went to the cinema with a girlfriend in 1997 to watch the film. “We talked about it on virtually every media platform. Since access to the Internet was limited at the time, there was only one way to learn more about the film, “recalls our interlocutor. The 34-year-old entrepreneur watched Titanic many times before appreciating the 3D version. He adds that Titanic is a fiction that pleases especially for its romantic side and its special effects.”James Cameron is undoubtedly one of the best directors in Hollywood. He captivated and transmitted to the screen this moment of the fateful April 15, 1912, “he said. Manveer Aubeeluck also studied on the liner RMS Titanic, the muse of James Cameron. “Looking back, I find that the sinking was caused by the excess of confidence that animated the crew. If this unfortunate event had not struck the ship for its inauguration, it would have made the pride of its owners and could have been a museum floating today, “he concludes.

From http://topfmradio.mu/index.php/2017/02/08/titanic-20-ans-apres-les-adeptes-refont-surface/


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